STG offers you more than just “Eyes and Ears” in China: we offer a second brain as well. We get to know all of our clients. Our North American led management team visits all of our customers and offers opinions and advice suitable to your company. Should you stay on the coast or move production inland? Are you watching production costs yet ignoring transportation savings? Open your own tooling or not? We speak up, not just listen.

  • Inspection Reports

    Our comprehensive Inspection Reports lets you know what you will be receiving before the goods leave the factory. Our qualified inspectors are not Jack of All Trades but are divided into teams that specialize in their product category. 100% of our soft goods inspectors have practical experience from working in soft goods factories.

  • Development Services

    Ensuring that the client owns and posses the Technical Drawings and has full control and details of the sample development, and documented product changes on a Master Card ensures that you are never held hostage by a factory. Knowledge is power and power is the ability to change suppliers easily if needed.

  • Quality Control

    Establishing and keeping a consistent level of quality during initial design, development and finally mass production is one of the top biggest challenges for people wanting to take advantage of cost effective chinese manufacturing capabilities. STG knows exactly how to play the quality game and is able to make the important tradeoffs between delivering a high quality product and staying within budgetary constraints.

  • Consulting and Dispute Resolution

    Do you have mold and die storage contracts that are legal and enforceable in China? Are you getting quarterly bids on your freight costs? How do you enforce a quality or legal claim? Should you be designating the subcontractor for key parts of your product? Do you have uniformed packaging suppliers? STG can review with you how you are doing things now and advise you on ways to be more efficient, secure and profitable.

  • Vendor negotiations

    Over 20 years in the manufacturing business in China have given STG a decisive advantage when it comes to negotiating deliverables with local factories.

  • Factory and Social Audits

    We know exactly what matters and where to look when performing factory audits, and are well aware of the requirements imposed by ISO and social standards such as ISO9001 or SA8000

Our knowledge and expertise is not only appreciated by our clients, but is sought out by the press and others seeking to understand China. We have been quoted in papers, magazines, international news broadcasts, Oscar winning documentary and quoted and credited in books. Click here for links to these articles and media.

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